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Hello guys, today we gonna talk about How to Make  a Blog easily with Wordpress and Blogspot. First I will continue talking about blog creation with blogspot. There are several benefit and lackness from blogspot blog. As long as I know blogspot platform is HTML and it’s not Google friendly since it use a free domain. I have many experiences in SEO and try many effort in blogspot seo it’s much difficult compare to paid domain and wordpress blog. Even though you already change a domain into dot com or anything else. Blogspot is good for starter and for professional business it’s not recommended. However there are many benefits still can we take from blogspot, it can be used for your internet marketing business like promoting your PPC campaign such as Google Adsense.

Compare to Wordpress blog it’s still comes many benefits even different with blogspot. In Wordpress we can’t make any PPC campaign since the Administrator prohibit all users to use Wordpress for PPC campaign unless you use a paid version of wordpress, buy a paid domain and hosting. And you can use it for your PPC campaign and whatever you need. It’s all depend on your necessity if you want to make a commercial blog then you have to use a paid version meanwhile if it just for sharing some knowledge and information wordpress is enough. Another beauty of Wordpress is it’s engine. It’s consist of PHP language. More SEO friendly and much easier in SEO compare to Wordpress.  That is why most people choose wordpress than blogspot.

Another type of blog that we can have is CMS type, if you already master CMS then you can start creating your personal blog without Blogspot and Wordpress engine. It is much difficult but will look more amazing in template and design. It will need more skills such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver  understanding. Maybe you need to take a short course to complete this learning.  With CMS language you can create whatever part in your website without limit. In Wordpress and Blogspot we can’t create all the things we want. It’s limited. It will take time to learn CMS but once you master it you can build a hundred of website with your skills. Just download the ebook or open Youtube and find out some tutorials related to how to make a blog. So the conclusion we can take is Google loves PHP than HTML code. But it doesn’t mean HTML code can’t to be SEO. Create your own creation using any method you like, share your blog through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many others. By using this method you can gain traffic to your site easily and build a good relation with many people from different countries. Start blogging today and stop copy paste another people content because it just hurt people hearth and will hurt your site because Google will never index copy past content. Unless you mention the source of your article


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